Thursday, November 29, 2007

Well it's about time!

We finally had our ultrasound today. I am 21 weeks along and this is the longest I have had to wait to find out what I'm having. Well, it's a.......
Even though I already had a boy name and Luke's room is big enough for two, we are super excited to be having another girl. Now I need to start thinking about girl names. I had a hard enough time coming up with Katelyn's name so this should be another challenge.
My due date is still April 10th. The baby looked great on the ultrasound and is weighing about 14 ounces right now.
We just pray that she will not be colicky like Katelyn was as a newborn!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Flu Shots

Last Tuesday I took my kids to the doctor for their flu shots. Katelyn also had to get some of her vaccinations done at the same time. Luke did not want a flu shot and kept telling me he didn't need one. But he didn't give me a hard time going to the doctors.
While we were in the room waiting for the nurse, he started to get upset. I told him it would be really quick and would just pinch. The nurse told him the same thing, but he didn't want to hear it. Finally, she just gave him the shot and he got so mad. He said while crying/yelling, "I told you I didn't want a flu shot. My arm didn't say it needed a flu shot." He continued to go on and on and at the same time Katelyn was starting to get upset because Luke was crying so loud. So she got her FOUR shots (poor thing!) and cried for a few minutes and then stopped. Meanwhile Luke is continuing to go on and on about not wanting a flu shot. I tried to explain to him that it was over and he could stop crying now. But he didn't want to stop. He wasn't crying from pain, but was crying because he was so mad at me for being "mean"(that is what he told me) and making him get a flu shot.

Guess what? We have to go back in a month for another flu shot. I guess he has to have two this year. YIPEEE! It will be right after Christmas so I am hoping he can bring one of his new toys to distract him.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Who would have thought...

  • that I would still be dressing my kids in shorts and t-shirts at the beginning of November? (not to mention that their shorts and t-shirts are starting to get to small, but I have to make them work)
  • that the innocent runny noses we all had last Saturday would turn into horrible colds and coughs accompanied with throwing up and lack of sleep?
  • that this would feel like the longest week of my life? (I will blame this feeling on being sick and confined to the house.)
  • that brownies make you feel better when you are sick? Luke knew this when he asked if we could make brownies. He said, "I think brownies will help us feel better." Boy, was he right, at least for the moment while I was eating the brownie.
  • that Katelyn would be such a good helper with the laundry? I didn't and I am usually trying to shoo her away as she pulls all the folded clothes off the couch and puts them back in the basket. This time I had her hand me the clothes out of the basket. She even took the time to shake the wrinkles out of the clothes before handing them to me. I hope her love for doing laundry stays with her and she can take over for me. :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Past and Present

It has been fun to look back on Luke's Halloween costumes and see what he was interested in at the time. Of course, he didn't care his first Halloween.
Our chunky, cute frog.

Bob the Builder

Mr. Incredible

Homemade Robot Costume
(Luke insisted on this one.)

I was lucky enough to borrow Katelyn's costumes for the past two Halloweens. It has been great and free! Thank you Melissa!

Katelyn as a Sweet Baby Cow

Front and Back view of the Ladybug