Sunday, August 23, 2009

Establishing Traditions

With my first one going to kindergarten I wanted to start some back to school traditions. Here's hoping I can keep it up throughout the years. To start off, Luke and I went on a "date".
(not sure why blogger feels like it needs to underline everything, i can't turn it off)

Despite the look on Luke's face, he was really excited to just go out with mommy.

We went out for pizza, Luke's favorite thing to eat. He was so cute while we were waiting for our pizza. After we finished talking about kindergarten it was quiet for a minute. He started fidgeting in his chair and then leaned back and said, "So, what's going on?" It was so cute because he was trying to keep the conversation going on our little "date".

I didn't take pictures of the next parts of our date, but after pizza we went to see the movie G-Force. He LOVED it and I thought it was pretty cute! When we were walking into the movie I was commenting on how hot it was outside. Luke then said, "I think I know why it doesn't snow and get really cold in Las Vegas. I think Heavenly Father forgot about Las Vegas because he was too busy making other places cold." I said, "hmmm, that's an interesting idea" The kid cracks me up with his ideas and his never ending questions.

After the movie we quickly ran and bought him some new shoes for school and then got some ice cream. It was so much fun hanging out with my little man! I can't believe he is going to kindergarten tomorrow. Here's hoping I can hold it together. :)

I got my next idea from nie nie's blog. I love her blog and am so inspired by her and her story. If you have not heard of her or read her blog, you are definitely missing out. She was in a horrible airplane crash along with her husband and another man that did not make it. She and her husband have endured many hard things since this crash, but have amazing faith. I am so inspired by her, her family, her faith, creativity, courage, and strength.
I loved her back to school feast idea so I implemented my own version. Mine was definitely not as fancy and with picky eaters the menu was quite simple.

The table was dressed up "fancy" in our terms of the word "fancy". Real plates versus paper plates is fancy at my house. The kids thought the candles and the "fancy" glasses were the best thing ever.

We ate chicken rolls w/gravy, cooked carrots, fruit salad, and had some sparkling juice.

Luke saying "kindergarten".

Katelyn saying "pre-school".

Ashley was supposed to be saying "mommy" because that is all she cares about right now.

We ate and then Kevin gave Luke and Katelyn father's blessings and we finished the night off with the best chocolate cake.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Katelyn turned 3 on August 8th

One of Katelyn's birthday requests was to have a "cone shaped party hat"! So she found one on the table right when she came downstairs in the morning and put it on. I think she is pretty pleased in this picture.

Katelyn had two birthday parties to go to on Saturday and none of them were her own party, but she still loved it. This was her year for a small family party. So we went out to breakfast at the Pancake House, then she went to a friend's birthday party, opened a few presents, had lunch, opened a few more presents, had cake, watched a movie, went to dinner at Taco Bell (her choice), and then went to her uncle's 30th birthday party! Quite the day for a new 3 year old I think!
Eating breakfast at the Pancake House. Party hats and all!

She has wanted pom poms forever and so she finally got some for her birthday. Here she is doing a birthday cheer for us.

Her favorite present was a princess castle. She has been into the whole princess thing lately so we kind of went with that theme for her "party".

My super easy version of a princess cake. Katelyn loved it and now she has some princesses for toys.

Enjoying some cake!

Really enjoying her cake now! So much easier than using a fork.

This is my Katelyn over the past 3 years. I like to take a picture by their birthday sign each year. This year Katelyn was so wiggly and would not stand still. If I knew how to do a small collage I would show you the many different photos I got of her. The last one here was the best one and it is still blurry.

Looking back at these pictures makes me miss my kids as babies and I can't believe how much she has changed from a year ago.

Three things about my Katelyn:
1. She has so much spunk and amazes me with her energy.
2. She loves to draw and color. Usually on paper, but sometimes on herself.
3. She loves to line things up... like her toys, her crayons, or anything she is playing with at the time.