Wednesday, May 30, 2007

100 Things You May or May not Know

Okay, okay I will be a blogger. I guess it is about time. I have loved reading everyone else's blogs and I will try my best at this. I thought I would start this off with my 100 list. It has been so fun to learn about everyone else through their 100 lists so here goes mine...
  1. I was born in Glendale, AZ
  2. I am the oldest in my family
  3. I have five younger brothers, that are all much taller than me
  4. I lived with my family in the Middle East for seven years
  5. We lived in Iran, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia
  6. I was baptized in a swimming pool in Saudi Arabia
  7. I have also lived in Texas (too little to remember it),California, Virginia, and Utah
  8. Spent the most years in Virginia
  9. Played soccer and basketball in high school
  10. love to play sports but don't do it much anymore
  11. play the piano
  12. played the clarinet for a couple of years, don't remember how anymore
  13. got the math award my senior year of high school but than got a D in my first year of college math, hmmmmm
  14. went to BYU and loved it!
  15. most years I had a cousin for one of my roommates
  16. graduated from BYU with an early childhood education degree
  17. went on a Spanish speaking mission to McAllen, TX
  18. I had three companions over the age of 60
  19. don't use my spanish enough so I am losing it
  20. took 4 or 5(can't remember) semesters of american sign language
  21. don't use it enough, so I am also losing it
  22. I think I am losing my memory also :)
  23. I met my husband in a singles ward
  24. I married into a great family
  25. taught 1st grade for 3 years
  26. I don't think I will ever go back to public teaching
  27. I would love to have a preschool in my home when my kids are older
  28. I have two kids, a boy and a girl (3 yrs. old and almost 10 months old)
  29. I want more kids, most days :)
  30. I love to read
  31. I am sensitive, sometimes too sensitive
  32. I love baked goods
  33. I don't always like to cook dinner
  34. I love chocolate.....too much!
  35. I have psoriasis
  36. I hate it, but things could be worse
  37. I am not comfortable wearing short sleeve shirts because of it
  38. I care what other people think
  39. I wish I didn't care what other people think
  40. I love most country music
  41. I love music with a good beat
  42. I love dancing but don't do it much
  43. I have always wanted to be a great dancer and perform
  44. this is hard, I may need to stop at 50
  45. I love to decorate
  46. I always have decorating ideas going around in my head but executing them is another story
  47. I like being crafty
  48. I wish I had more time to be crafty
  49. I am grateful for the blessings the gospel brings into my life
  50. I know the gospel is true
  51. I love reading the scriptures, when I do it
  52. I need to make a better effort
  53. I love running errands with my husband
  54. I don't think he loves it as much as I do but he is always a good sport
  55. I have a hard time making decisions
  56. I have a hard time spending big amounts of money
  57. It usually makes me sick to my stomach
  58. However, I don't have a problem spending money at Walmart and Target
  59. I like reality TV shows
  60. I am not an animal lover, but I would never be mean to one
  61. I don't really ever want a pet, but I will probably do it someday for my kids
  62. I do like watching shows about animals or seeing animals at the zoo or Sea World
  63. I love watching Planet Earth
  64. I enjoy scrapbooking when I actually sit down and do it
  65. I love my son's creativity and the words he uses
  66. I love my daughter's laugh and smile
  67. I love my husband's patience and hard work ethic
  68. I wish I had more patience
  69. My mom is one of my best friends
  70. My parents are so supportive of their children and are always willing to help out
  71. I love having a clean house (however, it is hard for me to keep a clean one)
  72. I love taking naps
  73. I wish I could take one everyday
  74. I enjoy working out once I get started
  75. I like how I feel after I am done working out
  76. It's making the effort and finding the time that are hard
  77. I am a worrier
  78. I worry about raising my kids in this crazy world
  79. I love babies
  80. My favorite color right now is red, especially for decorating
  81. I like the feeling of being organized
  82. I wish I was more organized
  83. I like making lists and crossing things off
  84. I love going on trips, just getting away from everyday life
  85. I always overpack but I am usually prepared for almost anything :)
  86. I can usually only watch a movie once, much to my husband's dismay
  87. There are a few exceptions, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Runaway Bride, I know there are a couple more, but I can't think of them right now.
  88. Only 12 more to go. AAAAHHHH, this is harder than I thought.
  89. I love to play church music in my house on Sundays
  90. I love the feeling it brings into our home
  91. I am not very good at playing cars, trains, superheroes, airplanes, etc. with my son
  92. I don't make the right sounds or know how to get into character
  93. However, I do like putting together puzzles, coloring, painting, doing play doh, playing games, with my 3 year old
  94. I do not like confrontation (sp?)
  95. I am usually quiet in groups
  96. I have opinions but have a hard time expressing them for fear of confrontation (it goes back to #31)
  97. I love children's books.
  98. I have a ton of them from teaching and love to read to my kids
  99. My calling at church is not my favorite (cub scout committee chair) but I am trying to have a better attitude
  100. I am happy with my life!
Phew! I am done and that was a lot harder than I thought. However, it was fun to think about all the things that make me who I am.