Monday, August 15, 2011

5 years old!

On the 8th, one week ago today, Katelyn turned 5 years old! She has been waiting for this birthday to come forever (well I think it seemed like forever in her mind). She now loves to tell everyone that she is 5. She will be a young kindergartner, but is so excited to go to school with Luke.
This was Katelyn's off year for a big party with friends, but instead she got to pick something fun to do and invite a friend to come along. She had some great ideas in store for this day.

We started off with breakfast at McDonalds.

Then throughout the day she opened presents. She got new pjs, more play doh toys, some princesses, a microphone, some fun coloring books, and stuffed animals.
Before lunch she decided she wanted to go to the Butterfly park and play in the water areas. So we loaded up and hit both water parks. She LOVED it!
She really wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese to play and invited her friend Anneliese to come along. But instead of eating at Chuck E. Cheese (thank goodness) we ate at Taco Bell (one of Katelyn's favorite places to eat). Katelyn wasn't so into playing the games, but she did love riding all the little rides they had.

I really like to make my kids' birthday cakes, but for some reason it did not work this year. Here's the proof. I have never had this happen to me. Katelyn was very understanding and had fun picking at the mess and eating it. It actually tasted really good, but didn't look so great.
Kevin saved the day by picking up an ice cream cake on his way home from work.
And here is the birthday girl in front of our traditional birthday signs.

5 things about Katelyn:

1. She loves to color, paint, and draw.

2. She loves to be active and doing something. She usually asks the night before what we will be doing the next day. When she is bored at home, she will often run around inside the house.

3. She loves music! She really likes for Kevin or I to sit at the piano to play and sing for her.

4. She loves playing on the computer.

5. She has a love/hate relationship with her little sister. I think it has something to do with Ashley being kind of bossy. But that is just my guess. :) They can play really well together and they can fight really well together. She usually gets along well with Luke and enjoys playing with him.

We really love this cute, 5 year old! She is a blessing in our family and usually just goes with the flow. Heavenly Father knew we needed someone like her in our family.

We Love Our Silly Katelyn!