Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Disneyland Fun

We decided to brave Disneyland for our family vacation this year. We thought it would be a great time to go because Katelyn and Ashley were still free. We did have a great time and came home exhausted!

Highlights and lessons learned from the trip:
  • Stayed in a suite for the first time and it was so worth the little bit of extra money
  • Ashley had her meltdowns in the hotel before heading to the park
  • Katelyn only had one major meltdown
  • Luke was braver than I thought and loved the roller coasters. Katelyn also loved the little roller coaster in toontown.
  • (This was Luke right after riding a roller coaster at CA adventure.)
  • Katelyn did not like the characters and would not take a picture with any of them.
  • The weather was hot on Thursday, but there were hardly any lines.
  • The weather was nice on Friday, but the lines were longer.
  • Never spend the money on pizza at CA adventure again
  • Don't go on the swinging carts on the ferris wheel again. They scared Ashley and I, Katelyn thought it was so funny to be swinging back and forth.
  • Favorite Rides: Buzz Lightyear, Toontown Roller Coaster, It's a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc., and Toy Story
  • Katelyn and Luke were pulled out in the Celebrate parade to dance and they loved it. Katelyn kept wanting to go the "party" again.
  • Ashley thought she was such a big girl and would walk in the lines like everyone else.
  • Frozen strawberry lemonade is the best treat on a hot day.
  • The water and snacks we brought were lifesavers.
  • Hand sanitizer is a must!
  • Time together at a fun place with family is the BEST!
  • Our double jogging stroller was so nice and at times would hold all three kids.

(Video of Luke and Katelyn dancing in the parade.)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I am blessed with a wonderful mother and mother-in law. I am in awe of these two amazing woman.
My mom had six kids in 8 1/2 years. She gave birth to 3 of the 6 kids in the Middle East while we were living over there. She gave birth to 1 child in Salt Lake while my dad had to stay overseas and had two small children already. Along with my dad, she traveled the world with 5 small children ( I seriously don't know how she did that. I can barely drive to Utah and keep my sanity.) She has served faithfully in all of her church callings and has always been an example of trusting in the Lord and serving others. She is one of my heroes.

(This picture was taken a couple of years ago, but I love it so I decided to post it.)
My mother-in-law has raised 9 children, yep that's right 9. I seriously don't know how she has done it. She has been through a lot in her life and remains so strong and faithful. She is a kindergarten teacher with this being her last year of teaching. I wish my kids could have had her as a teacher. She is someone I look up to and admire.

I am so grateful to be a mother to these three cuties. Motherhood is not easy and I struggle most days to be a good mom. It is because of the great examples of mothers in my life that I keep plugging along and try to do my best in this most important job. Thank you to them for their help, support, and encouragement.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

1 Year Check Up a Month Late

20 lbs 20z
Almost 31 inches long

Walking all over the place
Starting to say more words
Loves to play outside
Getting more hair, had to cut the back because she was getting a mullet.
Still only has two teeth
She is our little puppy and begs for food whenever someone is eating something. It doesn't matter if she just finished eating a whole bunch of food herself.
Likes to hit us to see our reaction.
Cries a lot when she doesn't get her way.
She is afraid of my exercise ball. Big tears when she sees that ball. That probably means I should start using it more so she gets used to seeing it around. :}