Monday, September 29, 2008

Let's Pretend...

this picture was taken on the first day of preschool instead of the sixth day of preschool. I did manage to take a quick one on the first day of school, but it didn't turn out like I wanted. So this is what we got on the sixth day after he had already gone to preschool. :)

Hallelujah! Mom is finally done taking pictures.

Favorites and Not So Favorites

Some favorites...
  • my baby's sweet laugh
  • that my 2 year old will pretty much eat whatever I make for dinner
  • how much my 4 year old loves preschool
  • the funny things my 2 year old says
  • my husband taking Friday off and then spending the day working in the yard and watching the kids (he really is the BEST)
  • after my 4 year old made his baby sister laugh, he said, "I love being a big brother."
  • girls night out
  • lunch w/my sister in law for her birthday
  • the way my baby cuddles under my chin right before I lay her in bed
  • homemade oreo cookies (not good to have around when trying to lose weight, but they are a favorite still)
Some not so favorites...
  • my 4 year old scowling through most of the primary program on Sunday
  • my 2 year old's ear piercing scream (it happens when she's mad and when she is having fun and playing w/her brother)
  • that my baby is growing up so fast
  • that my 4 year old complains about everything I make for dinner

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day

We finally did something fun on a holiday instead of doing yard work or house work. We went up to Mt. Charleston and had so much fun. The weather was so beautiful, 70 degrees! We had a way too expensive lunch at the lodge and then went on a little walk. (We will definitely bring our own lunch next time.)

Luke wanted to climb a mountain. They made it about a third of the way and then Luke was done. I think they had more fun walking back to the van and seeing some lizards running around.

This is just to show that I do sometimes have my picture taken with my children.