Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ashley was blessed at my parent's home while we were up in Utah. We decided to bless her in Utah at my family's reunion because all of my brothers would be there to participate. I have five brothers and I am the only girl. I realized that this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of my brothers to be there since we don't all live close to each other. Kevin's mom and his youngest brother were also able to be there. It was a special experience and Kevin gave Ashley a beautiful blessing.
And of course, I have to post some pictures...

If anyone knows how to get an almost 2 year old to smile, let me know. I do have to give Katelyn the benefit of the doubt because she was tired and sick, but I don't think she smiled in any of the pictures I took while we were in Utah.

The grandparents.

My brothers.

The uncles and grandpa.

Family Reunion in Pictures

The kids were great in the car, both to and from Utah. The older two watched movies and this sweet baby stared and smiled at her toys and slept most of the time.

We went to Hogle Zoo and the weather was in the 60s with a little rainstorm. It was crazy wearing sweatshirts and jeans in June. The kids loved the animals, but I think they loved the playground the most. My brother thought it might be fun to see what a turtle feels like and Katelyn wasn't sure about the twisty slide.
(Plus we ran into a blogging celebrity(my sister-in-law)and her family. It was a great surprise.)

This little one figured out how to suck her thumb (with a little help from grandma). I'm not so sure about this. I am pushing for the binky instead.

We had so much fun playing in grandma and grandpa's backyard. We played baseball, drew pictures with sidewalk chalk, played with bubbles, jumped on the trampoline, ate dry cereal out of a cup (Katelyn thought that was so fun), and played on the swing set. There were also some basketball games and several rounds of horse shoes. Luke and his little cousin would swing on this glider forever. Luke called him "little brother" or "little bro." for short.

We also toured the Sweets Candy Factory in Salt Lake and sported some cool hairnets. I didn't have my camera with me, but if someone in my family wants to email me one, that would be great. :) It was a fun thing to see and we loaded up on the candy, especially the salt water taffy.

The kids had a fun time (even though Katelyn doesn't appear to being having fun in the picture) playing with their cousins. Katelyn is 10 days older than her cousin she is sitting with in the stroller. Luke and his two girl cousins were all born in the same year.