Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Found This Treasure at Target...

For Just 5 Dollars!!!!

This is one of my favorite movies and about the only movie I can watch over and over again. So imagine my excitement to see it on DVD for so cheap. Now I own it on VHS and DVD!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why is this so hard for me?

I love reading other peoples' blogs, but have such a hard time posting on my own blog. I wait too long to post and then I am overwhelmed by all the things I haven't posted. Then I feel guilty because I should be documenting things better because this is like a journal for me and my family. I can't say that I will be better, but I can say that this is a random post of all the latest happenings of my kids.

Luke's Random Happenings
He loves preschool and enjoys showing us all the things he makes.

His preschool teacher sends home "responsibility papers" for homework and you work at your own pace. Luke loves the "homework" and has done really well. He is now reading very simple sentences and his first little book his teacher sent home. He was so excited that he read it to me right when he got home from preschool and then wanted to read it to Katelyn. She was so good to sit and listen.

I thought this was cute. Katelyn wasn't feeling well one day so Luke decided to make her a picture. The "klin" is his way of sounding out Katelyn.

This is Luke at 6 months old when he got his first tooth. I don't have any pictures where you can see the beginning of a tooth so I just put a picture of what he looked like at the age he got the tooth. :)
This is Luke a week ago at 5 years old when he lost his first tooth. My baby has officially grown up. I noticed it was loose about 2 weeks ago and then just last week he was eating dinner and bit down right on it. It made him cry(the picture shows his teary eyes and red forehead from crying) because it hurt, but he kept on eating and it just fell out. He was so excited for the tooth fairy to come and woke up the next day with a dollar under his pillow. Our tooth fairy is cheap, but Luke didn't care.

Katelyn's Random Happenings
She loves helping mommy, especially with the laundry. She likes to discipline Luke and often copies whatever I say to Luke. She loves to play in her toy kitchen and sometimes says things exactly how I would say them. I better be careful what I say.

Her hair is getting long.

She LOVES to play outside. We have had beautiful weather lately and she asks to go out everyday. I am so grateful for a backyard to send her out in and play. She especially loves it when Luke is out there and they play together. She is learning to ride Luke's scooter and likes wearing Luke's hat.

She is a great big sister and loves playing with Ashley. She thinks it's funny when Ashley tries to pull her hair.

Other things: She loves pink and used to only wear something if it had pink on it. She has surprised me in the last week when she has not put up a fight if the outfit I pick out does not have any pink.
We are in the beginning stages of potty training. I am not pushing it hard core right now, but just introducing it. She is not super excited, but we have to start sometime. She is 2 1/2 but looks like she is 4.

Ashley's Random Happenings

Ashley at 10 months old.

Ashley at 11 months old. She has been cruising all over the place for several months and will now stand by herself for short periods of time. She walks behind her push toy, but has not taken any steps on her own.

She loves to be outside. She likes the swing, but her favorite thing is the slide. She has no fear and would go over and over and over again. She lets us know that she isn't done even when we are done.

This stance kind of shows how she crawls. She uses one knee and pushes with her other foot. We have yet to have a normal crawler in our family. Luke and Katelyn both scooted on their bums instead of crawling. So I guess Ashley's version is closer to the norm.

Her new favorite past time is to throw all her blankets and binkies out of her crib and then play around until she wants them back and starts crying. We go through this routine several times before she actually settles down and takes a nap. She thinks she is pretty funny.

Other things: she says "ruff, ruff" for any animal, she points to what she wants, she makes sounds that sound like she is saying "what's this?" in her cute baby voice, she only has one tooth and I can see another one ready to pop through, she loves to eat and would eat food all day long, she is petite compared to how Luke and Katelyn were as babies, she is a momma's girl through and through.

Okay, now I feel a little better having those things documented.