Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Fun

Easter Egg Decorating

Easter Egg Hunting or Rock Throwing

Easter Outfit Picture Taking

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Perfect Easter Message

I LOVED Elder Holland's talk from this past General Conference. I wish I would have had a copy of this for my young women lesson today. This is too good not to share.

Friday, April 3, 2009


My Baby Turns 1

At one years old:
  • loves her binky
  • understands what we are saying to her
  • says "ball", "mo"=more, "wuz dat"=what's that, "wuz dis"=what's this, "mom", "yah"
  • makes a "ruff, ruff" sound for any animal
  • loves to eat
  • doesn't love cow's milk
  • not the best napper and it is killing me (my other two kids took the best naps)
  • she stands by herself & will take a couple of steps
  • uses a stool or anything else she can push to walk around the house
  • loves to "talk" on the phone and will say her version of "hello"
  • loves to play with a ball
  • loves to pull everything out of drawers or buckets
  • finally sleeps through the night
  • only has two teeth, the second one still isn't all the way through
  • likes to wear necklaces and sunglasses

  • she puts her hands up in the air when she is looking for something (see video below, it is towards the end of the video)

She is such a joy to our family!
We love our Ashley!