Friday, April 8, 2011

3 on the 3rd!

My baby...

grew up too fast and is now a big 3 year old.

Some things about Ashley at 3...

-she talks really well and loves to boss us all around
-she has a great imagination and loves be a mommy to her dolls
-she still favors mom over dad, but will give us both the best hugs
-loves to play on the computer and has mastered using the mouse by herself
-likes to sing and dance
-has been potty trained for several months now and caught on fairly quick
-LOVES nursery and joy school
-can play really well with Katelyn and can argue really well with Katelyn
-says "scritchpures" for "scriptures, and "skabetty" for "spaghetti"
-favorite shows are Olivia, Little Bear, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates
-very afraid of bugs, our tortoises, and dogs
-favorite foods: most fruits and veggies (yea!), beef jerky, waffles, hot dogs, pizza, and pudding

Her birthday was on a Sunday so we had a quiet family party with cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
Opened presents(her one request for a present was a pink chair with her name on it, you can see it in the background). She also got the Tangled movie, which has been watched every day since her birthday, a cookie play set, and a doctor's kit.
She has wanted bunny cupcakes for her birthday since her last birthday. When she was 2, our friends had a big Easter party and it happened to be on her birthday. She thought the party was for her and has talked about it often throughout the year. So she wanted to have bunny cupcakes this year because she thought she had a bunny party last year. :)
My attempt at bunny cupcakes...
We spent the rest of the day watching General Conference and playing with her new toys. She seemed to have a great day and kept saying "thanks" to all of us.

We love our cute girl and are so grateful she is part of our family!

(I realize that I have been a horrible blogger lately and birthdays are about my only motivation to blog. I need to go all the way back to October and document some things, but it seems so overwhelming. But it needs to be done so I have some journaling done for that time of my family's life. Hopefully I can catch up before Easter or maybe I should say Memorial Day. :) )