Friday, December 19, 2008

Well, it's about time!

I don't know what my problem is, but I am having such a hard time keeping up with this blog. I know I haven't been very good in the past, but this is pretty bad. Christmas is next week and I still haven't blogged about Thanksgiving. So here it goes...

We had a fun and adventurous Thanksgiving. It started Wednesday with most of my family coming into Vegas that afternoon (one brother stayed in Ohio with his family and their brand new baby and my other brother was in CA) and then another brother and his family arrived Thanksgiving morning. Wednesday night Luke and his cousin learned some ballroom dance moves and I think we might be looking at the next junior Dancing with the Stars champions. :) I have a video of it, but blogger isn't letting me post it. I will have to try again later.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at our house
(An idea of what Thanksgiving dinner looked like and a nice picture of my youngest brother. )
and then Friday morning we loaded up two vans and headed to CA for my brother's wedding.
(this is the brother that got married holding Ashley)

The drive down went well except for Katelyn throwing up after lunch because she was carsick. Sorry, no pictures, but I can assure you it was very gross and it was everywhere.

Friday morning we attended the wedding in the Newport Beach Temple. The weather was beautiful and so was the temple.
(Here's my brother with his beautiful bride)

Katelyn was a flower girl with her cousin Evie and Luke sported the plaid vest.

(I'm not really sure what Luke is doing and of course Katelyn is not smiling. It is a rare thing to get her to smile for a picture.)

Ashley just looked cute.

The fam!

The highlight of the day for Luke was the dancing at the reception. He said his favorite part was when everyone cheered for him and Evie as they danced down the middle. This kid is not shy.
I wish I had a picture of him dancing, but instead I got one of grandpa and Katelyn on the dance floor.
(Once again Katelyn looks like she is really enjoying herself.)