Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Funny Kids

(Are you all shocked? A post one day after another. I think that might be a record for me.)

Today while we were doing our grocery shopping, Luke was sitting in the shopping cart car watching me get some bananas. When I was walking back to the cart he said, "When are you going to take that tummy off?" It made me laugh. If only it were that easy. I would love to take it off on some of the days and just get a little break from the lower back pains.

Here are two pictures of Katelyn and the adventures of feeding yourself.
Apparently, it is important to wear goggles while feeding yourself yogurt especially if you are still in the learning stage. (She wanted the goggles on before her snack and then insisted on having them on during her snack.)

This is why you don't leave your child for even a second while ketchup is involved w/the meal. I got the ketchup away from her right before it became hair gel.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

He is FOUR!

It is hard for me to believe that I now have a four year old. In some ways it is finally nice for him to say he is four because he has looked like he was four for the past year. So now he will just look like he is five. :)

Four things about my Four year old
1. He is so into Transformers right now that he can hardly think of anything else. He also still loves Spiderman and Superman too!
2. He has the best imagination and can get pretty creative while playing with his toys.
3. He loves to use big words and most of the time he can use them correctly. It always surprises me!
4. He loves to talk and ask questions. He has a very curious mind.

He really knows how to test me and we go the rounds many times. But he also knows how to make me laugh, can be a good helper, is a good big brother, and still loves to cuddle.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's Been Almost a Month...

since I have posted anything. I have wanted to post throughout December the fun things we did to get in the mood for Christmas and just other fun things, but then I never felt like actually sitting down and doing it. Now it is seems too overwhelming to post it all, but I am going to try and do little snippets (is that a word?). So here is a rundown for "journaling" purposes:
  • went on the Santa train ride in Boulder City-it was windy and cold, but fun-Luke loved it
  • made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers
  • went to Ethel M Factory and saw their light display
  • I attended a great Relief Society Enrichment at the church
  • celebrated Kevin's birthday
  • went on a date with my husband
  • attended the Ward Christmas party
  • went to a babysitting co-op Christmas party for the kids
  • celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas day with Kevin's side of the family
  • Luke's favorite Christmas present was his Transformers and Katelyn's favorite was the play kitchen
  • ate way too many sweets, but loved it
  • celebrated New Year's Eve quietly as a family with a fun movie night
That is all I can remember right now. Here are some random pictures from the month:

Spent the majority of the month keeping Katelyn away from the decorations. She only managed to break a few. (I can't figure out why blogger is underlining this and I can't turn it off.)

Luke and I made a gingerbread house together and this is how it turned out.

I am glad they had Santa at the ward Christmas party because I didn't have the energy to take them to the mall to see Santa. Katelyn was crying before she sat on Santa's lap because she wanted a candy cane. She stopped crying as soon as she sat on his lap. The picture doesn't show it, but Luke was so excited to see Santa.

Christmas Sunday attire.

The kids were shepherds in the nativity we did with Kevin's family on Christmas Eve. Luke looks like a scared shepherd and this was as far as we got with Katelyn. I think she was pretty tired at this point.

Christmas morning!