Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yo Gabba Gabba and Almost a Smile

Have you heard of this show? Definitely not my favorite, but every now and then we come across it and my kids love to watch it. Well, today we came across it and I let them watch while I was feeding Ashley. (Katelyn actually sat and watched and didn't get into any trouble.) Anyway, there is this green, striped monster thing with really long arms that sings a song about a party in his tummy. When he is done eating his lunch the vegetables are left on his plate crying. (I know, it is a weird show.)
Okay, step away from the show for a minute. I have really been trying to get Luke to eat more fruits and veggies. He will basically only eat bananas(sometimes), carrots, and green beans(sometimes). I always put a little of the veggie on his pla
te at dinner hoping he will someday like them.
So last night we had peas. I made him eat two hidden in his mashed potatoes. It was torture for him, but he finally did it. But that was it, no more peas were eaten.
Return to the show. After the party in the tummy song I thought maybe I could use this song to my advantage. This is how the conversation with Luke went...

Me: Why are the veggies crying?
Luke: Because they want to go the party in his tummy.
Me: Why do they want to go to the party?
Luke: Because they are healthy and good for us. (He definit
ely knows the right answer.)
Me: Do you think the peas that you didn't eat last night were sad?
Luke: Yeah

Me: Will you try to eat more veggies next time?
Luke: I don't know.
Me: Why?
Luke: Because they do not have an invitation to the par
Me: (laughing so hard)
My plan was foiled.

She was smiling at me, but I kept missing it. This was the closest I could get, a little half-smile.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E?


I love this little girl, but she is giving me a run for my money.
Friday night while watching a movie she decided the popcorn would taste better dumped all over the couch. She also thought she should eat the whole bowl of popcorn and almost did.
She knows that when I am feeding the baby I can't get to her as fast or at all. So, this is what has happened over the past week...
  • coloring with crayon on the tile in my bathroom
  • water spilled all over the kitchen floor and laughing while she is doing it
  • climbing up on the chairs and then screaming for help to get down even though she can get down herself
  • pulling all the kleenex out of the box to "blow" her nose
  • using several wipes to also blow her nose (I don't mind if she uses one or two, but when she goes through 3 or more it bugs me because we go through wipes so fast at our house.)
  • playing in the bathroom sink and coming away soaking wet
  • I have tried giving her something to do like playing with playdoh or coloring, but that usually ends up with her throwing everything on the floor.
I realize that some of these things I can prevent by thinking ahead, but when I am sleep deprived and the baby is crying, all I can think to do is feed the baby. I have started locking the bathroom door and putting on a show for her or having her get some books and that has helped a little. I also realize that she is doing this because she needs more attention, I'm working on it.

A couple days ago I painted her toenails and she just loved it. It was so cute! Then on Sunday she wanted to have curlers in her hair like mom. I love these girly moments and she does too!
(She wanted the curlers, but she didn't want to take a picture with me. I'm pretty much holding her down on my lap. Anything for a picture!)

One Month Old

Ashley weighs 11lbs. 2.5 oz. and is 22 inches long.
She is now sleeping a 4 hour stretch at least once during the night. I know that doesn't sound like much, but it is so much better than just a 2 hour stretch.
She is starting to smile and really follow us with her eyes.
She gets tons of attention from her brother and sister. Sometimes a little too much attention. :)

I can't believe how big she is getting. They grow so fast! I love her chubby cheeks in this picture. They are so much fun to kiss!